Tony Benn

Tony Benn


Tony has been with Vernon Speed Skating Club for several years. Tony comes from a hockey background with 43 years experience. He has moved into the speed skating world to support his son, and has been growing in knowledge for 5 years. Tony has his Level 1 Referee Certification, and is attempting to work toward the Level 1 coaching certification with NCCP. Tony brings an infectious enthusiasm to the Vernon Speed Skating Club and its skaters.

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What is the cost of equipment?
The cost of equipment varies depending on where you purchase the items. A very rough estimate for item costs are as follows:
Speed Skates: rent from VSSC $100.00/season
Helmet: ISU Certified $70.00 – $150.00
Shatter-resistant safety glasses $20.00 (inexpensive option – safety glasses from hardware store)
Neck Guard with bib $40.00 (purchase from sports store that sells hockey equipment)
Cut-resistant gloves $30.00 – $50.00
Knee pads $20.00 – $30.00
Shin guards $20.00 – $30.00
Kevlar socks $5.00 (Napa welding cuffs)
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