Official registration is on Thursday, September 6th, at Kaltire Arena upstairs, from 6:00 - 8:00pm, but you can still register anytime after this date. You can download the registration forms from this website and bring them with you when you come for your first session. See our schedule for practice session days and times. You can contact us to confirm an appropriate placement into a group that your child will be able to participate in.

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BCSSA Lookup - personal best times: Please ask a board member for a user name and password to access your child's personal best times.

Registration Pricing

Recreation$185 plus BCSSA/SSC insurance $97
Learn to Skate$185 plus BCSSA/SSC insurance $97
Competitive$425 plus BCSSA/SSC insurance $137
Elite$425 plus BCSSA/SSC insurance $177
Intro 6$125 (includes neck guard, Kevlar cuffs and skate rental for 6 Friday sessions) plus BCSSA/SSC insurance $27
Associate Fee (under 19)$25 per family
Skate Rental$100 per season for Competitive/Elite/Recreation/Masters
$50 per season for Learn-to-Skate

Download the Registration Fees Form

Registration Instructions

Three easy steps to get you started:

  1. Step One
    1. Print and fill in the Registration Form.
    2. Print and fill in the Medical Waiver.
    3. Print and fill in the Associate Membership Form (parent member).
  2. Step Two
    1. Print, read, and sign the Vortex Parent Information Form.
    2. Print, read, and sign the Vortex Code of Conduct Form.
  3. Step Three
    1. Bring your forms with payment to your first session.

Register on MMS

Register on the MMS system accessed through the Speed Skate Canada website. To register with SSC fill out this form:

https://MAS registration system

  1. Find the appropriate program for you or your child.
  2. Click the red JOIN button on the right hand side of the program.
  3. If you are new, create an account. If not, sign in here.
  4. Once you've signed in, the site will take you to the confirmation page for this program. If this is correct, click the ACCEPT button. If not, click CANCEL and find the right program.
  5. Recreation skaters register under Learn to Skate, as the fee is the same.
  6. We do NOT pay online. Payment is made through the Club, by a cheque only.
  7. You are now registered both with Vernon Speed Skating club, BCSSA and SSC.

**Families with youth will be required to register their skater under one login and then a separate login to register as an adult associate.

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