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ALL practice sessions are at Kal Tire Place


  • 5:15pm-6:00pm – Competitive
  • 6:00pm-6:45 – Elite


  • 5:15pm-6:15pm – Competitive and Elite


  • 4:00pm -4:45pm Rec/Learn to Skate and Special Olympics
  • 4:45pm to 5:30pm- Elite


  • Recreation: $175 plus BCSSA/SSC  insurance $90
  • Learn to Skate: $175 plus BCSSA/SSC insurance $90
  • Competitive: $405 plus BCSSA/SSA insurance $125
  • Elite: $475  plus BCSSA/SSA insurance $165
  • Intro 6: $115 (includes neck guard, Kevlar cuffs and skate rental for 6 Friday sessions) plus BCSSA/SSA insurance $21

Associate Fee (under 19) $20 per family

Skate Rental $100 per season


20160316_212429 Mike Hall
Age: 46 but looks much younger
How long with the club: 4 years with Vernon

How long skating: 41 years
Coaching: Certified Level 2-completing Level 3
Accomplishments: 1994 Olympic team, Canadian records in 5k and 10k long track
Best Quote: Every Champion was once a contender that refused to give up- Mickey Goldmill
20160316_212510 Trevor Rasmussen
How long with the Club:
How long Speed skating:
Best Quote:
Kel_Invitational_VerTeam-2-2 Peter Blokker

Age:83 in June 2016
How long with the club: since 1992 when he helped found it
How long speed skating: Skated as a youngster,but didn’t skate for 20 years .Took it up again in late 70’s, so, about 37 years.
Coaching: Certified level 2o and did some work on level 3.
Accomplishments: Set at least 10 Canadian records in long track.(age class 70-74,75-79,80-84).
Set Canadian record in 1500 m short track (age class 70-74).
Motto: Keep moving!
20160316_21245820160316_212458 Tony Benn
Age: 46
How long with the club:  4 years
How long skating:  hockey: 43 years,  Speed skating: 3 years
Coaching:  level  1 and Level 1 Referee
Best inspirational quote: Never never never never never give up